At KiDS COVE, our heart is to lead children on a spiritual adventure to discover God's great love for them and reinforce God’s divine purpose in creating them. Each week we allow the children to have encounters with God that will forever change their lives. It is important that we lead them in times of worship, help them cultivate and identify their spiritual gifts, and get the Word of God in their hearts.

From Baby Cove to Big Kids Cove, we aren’t just providing childcare, we are pouring into the next generation to raise fully devoted followers of Christ that will change the world! Each classroom offers a fun and loving environment where a variety of activities and experiences are provided. We utilize a name badge system for a safe, effective and secure check-in and -out system for all children. Volunteers must have county and federal background clearances before they are permitted to lead a class.

  • Baby cove

    Sundays @ 9a, 11a, & 5p

    Babies ages 3 months - 2 years receive loving care in Baby Cove. Babies are held, played with, and prayed over while their parents and caregivers enjoy the adult service.

  • Tots Cove

    Sundays @ 9a, 11a, & 5p

    Toddlers ages 2-3 years old will enjoy songs, a Bible story, crafts, and snack in Tots Cove. There will also be plenty of time for play and fun.

  • Lil kids cove

    Sundays @ 9a & 11a

    Preschool and Kindergarten students will have a blast in Lil Kids Cove as they are equipped with the truth of God's Word.

  • Big kids cove

    sundays @ 9a & 11a

    Students in 1st thru 5th grades will be equipped with truth from God's Word while having lots of fun. They learn that they can have a relationship with God right now, and the Holy Spirit operates in their lives just like he does in adults. Look out, these kids are world changers!