REVIVE ALL: Fully Alive Conference 2024

I have come to give you everything in abundance, more than you expect—life in its fullness (fully alive) until you overflow!

– John 10:10

Oasis City Church presents the “Revive-All: Fully Alive Conference,” a three-day event dedicated to Worship, Prophecy, Preaching, and Equipping. This conference features world-class speakers, teachers, and musicians, including Apostle Bill Themelaras, Apostle Jane Hamon, Bishop Joseph Garlington, Pastor Chris Durso, Apostle Malik Edwards, and worship leader John Wilds. 

Designed to revive and empower attendees, the conference aims to help individuals embrace their God-given potential, operate with impact through the Holy Spirit, and live with vitality and purpose in every aspect of life and ministry. The Oasis City Church founding pastors, Bill & Lynne Themelaras and Adam & Tara Stewart look forward to hosting you for this “fully alive” encounter.


September 12-14


Hope City House of Prayer

Early Bird Pricing Ends Soon!


REVIVE ALL Guest Speakers

Jane Hamon Headshot

Apostle Jane Hamon

Senior Leader of Vision Church @ Christian International
John Wilds pic

John Wilds

Worship Pastor, Songwriter, and Recording Artist

Chris Durso

Renown Communicator and Leader of SOHO Bible Study, NYC
Bishop Joseph Garlington

Bishop Joseph Garlington

Founding Pastor of Covenant Church of Pittsburgh

Apostle Bill Themelaras

Senior Leader of Oasis City Church & Covenant Church of Pittsburgh
Dr Apostle Malik Edwards (3)

Dr. Apostle Malik Edwards

Founder of Relentless Global Network

REVIVE ALL Workshops

Fully Alive Worship Workshop

Fully Alive Worship Workshop

Led by experienced worship leaders, these sessions focus on igniting passion, creativity, and authenticity in worship. Topics include cultivating a heart of worship, exploring different expressions of worship, and leading worship teams effectively.

Fully Alive Prophecy Workshop

Fully Alive Prophecy Workshop

Teaching sessions on activating and stewarding prophetic gifts, with an emphasis on the role of prophecy in building up the Body of Christ. Workshops cover hearing God's voice, interpreting prophetic insights, and applying prophetic words with wisdom and love.

Fully Alive Discipleship Workshop

Fully Alive Discipleship Workshop

(need description) Pastor Adam Stewart, Oasis City Church & Covenant Church of Pittsburgh

Fully Alive Vision & Mission Workshop

Fully Alive Vision & Mission Workshop

This workshop aims to rejuvenate and revitalize the vision, mission, and objectives of attendees' ministries or churches. Participants will assess and analyze their church or ministry culture, identify areas for enhancement or improvement, and practice a strategic mapping model that they can implement with their teams.

Fully Alive Prayer & Deliverance Workshop

Fully Alive Prayer & Deliverance Workshop

This workshop is designed to equip attendees with the knowledge, tools, and confidence to engage in effective prayer and deliverance ministry. Participants will learn how to deepen their prayer lives and understand the principles and practices of deliverance to bring freedom and healing to those in need.

Fully Alive Inner Healing Workshop

Fully Alive Inner Healing Workshop

This workshop aims to equip attendees with the knowledge, skills, and techniques necessary to effectively minister inner healing and provide compassionate counsel. Participants will learn how to facilitate emotional and spiritual healing, helping individuals overcome past wounds and live whole, restored lives.

Conference Pricing


Evening Pass
$ 25
  • Kids 12-17 $10

Friday / Saturday

Single Day Pass
$ 50
  • Kids 12-17 $15

Full Weekend

Three Day Pass
$ 75
  • Kids 12-17 $25
  • Early bird pricing ends on 7/31/24
Early Bird

Conference Host

Oasis City Church

Oasis City Church is a vibrant multicultural and multigenerational congregation located in Central Ohio. Founded by Apostle Bill Themelaras, Pastor Lynne Themelaras, and Pastors Adam and Tara Stewart, the church is known for its anointed worship, prophetic ministry, and powerful teaching. Oasis City Church is dedicated to Embracing God, Growing People, Experiencing Revival and Pursuing Reconciliation

Conference Venue

Hope City House of Prayer

Located in the heart of Columbus, Hope City House of Prayer is happy to host the Revival All Conference 2024. 

Hope City is a citywide prayer room for anyone to come and spend time with Jesus! The prayer room is flexible in that you can engage with corporate prayer and/or spend time doing your own personal devotion.

REVIVE ALL Worship Experience

Oasis City Worship

John Wilds

New Service Times


This NEW service is a 1-hour, family-friendly, with reduced sound and lighting, and with all the OC essentials of worship, teaching, and ministry – just abbreviated.

Children will worship with their parents, and then go to their rooms for age-focused Bible teaching and ministry.

9:30am & 11:30am

These services will feature everything you already know and love about Sundays at the OC, with all the OC essentials of worship, teaching, and ministry

OC Kids & middle school programing will be available for both services

John Wilds

Worship Pastor, Songwriter, and Recording Artist

John Wilds is a worship leader, songwriter, and recording artist with a heart to see the world encounter the love and presence of Jesus. Music has been John’s passion since a very young age, learning to play the piano at 6 years old and beginning to lead worship at the age of 17. John has been serving the local church for 20 years while also traveling the world to serve the global church.

John joined the Bethel Music Collective in 2021 and made his collective album debut with “Forever Be Praised” on the album Simple (2022). He is featured on Jesus Image’s JESUS (Live) (2022) album singing “Way Maker,” “Alpha And Omega,” and “You Are Holy.” John also sang as a background vocalist for Brooke Ligertwood’s solo album Seven. He tours with the collective and continues to collaborate with many writers, producers, and musicians writing for upcoming projects.

John and his wife, Natalie, currently reside in Daytona Beach, FL with their three children. He is the Worship Pastor at Calvary Christian Center in Ormond Beach, FL and builds up young leaders for the next generation. John’s passion for the local church is a lifelong commitment and continually prays to see the people encounter the Father’s love.

Pastor Chris Durso

Renown Communicator and Leader of SOHO Bible Study, NYC

Chris Durso has spent over twenty years building the local church in New York and traveling internationally as a renowned communicator. He is the bestselling author of two books: Misfit and The Heist. His words have encouraged thousands of readers to seek the presence of God.

Currently, he’s leading a monthly gathering in New York City called SOHO Bible Study while also traveling weekly to partner with ministries as a teaching pastor and conference speaker. Chris is the current chaplain to the Brooklyn Nets. His wife, Yahris, and children, Dylan and Chloe remain his first priority and greatest accomplishment.

Bishop Joseph Garlington

Bishop Joseph Garlington

Founder of Covenant Church of Pittsburgh and Reconciliation! Ministries International

Bishop Joseph L. Garlington, Sr., is the founding Pastor of Covenant Church of Pittsburgh, a large multiracial and cross-cultural community of believers in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which he founded with his wife, Barbara, in 1971. For more than five decades, Covenant Church has been a model of racial healing and reconciliation. Reconciliation! Ministries International, an International Network of Churches and Ministries, INC, for which he is the Presiding Bishop.

Bishop Garlington is a musician, recording artist, author, and scholar whose work has touched thousands through radio and TV, national and international conferences, and albums, books, and articles. He is internationally recognized in the religious community for his work and ministry in many churches in South Africa since 1979.

He has been married to Pastor Barbara Williams Garlington for over fifty years. She is a prophetic voice to the church who ministers powerfully in healing and ministry with her husband in national and international travel. Together, they share responsibility for seven grown children, thirteen grandchildren, two great-granddaughters, and five great-grandsons.

Apostle Bill Themelaras

Senior Leader of Oasis City Church & Covenant Church of Pittsburgh

Bill Themelaras serves the greater church as a prophetic apostle. He oversees two congregations: Oasis City Church in Columbus, OH and Covenant Church of Pittsburgh, in Pittsburgh, PA. Both are dynamic worship communities diverse in culture, ethnicity, and age.

Bill is gifted as an organizational leader with a heart to raise up team ministry within the church. He travels to ministries around the world as a voice of wisdom and consultation. As a dynamic speaker, his ministry is filled with worship, teaching, and prayer, allowing each event to be a unique experience.

Bill is the author of the book:
How to Discover Your Identity, Define Your Life, and Declare Your Future

He is the President of Reconciliation! An International Network of Churches and Ministries®, an organization of five-fold ministries participating in the revival, renewal, restoration, and reformation of the church. This network is founded and chaired by Bishop Joseph Garlington. Bill is happily married to his wife, Lynne, and is the proud father of two daughters, Nia and Skylar, and their son, Cullen.

Apostle Malik Edwards

Founder of Relentless Global Network

Dr. Apostle Malik Edwards is not just a man of faith but a beacon of inspiration. His ordination as an Apostle by Bishop Bill Hamon and as a minister by Christian International Ministries is a testament to his unwavering dedication to God and people. Dr. Edwards’ pursuit of knowledge led him to earn a doctorate in ministry from Real Knowledge Bible College in California.

In 1999, a profound encounter with God in prison marked a turning point in Apostle Malik’s life. This transformative experience propelled him to share his testimony in various churches. Answering a higher calling, Apostle Malik embarked on a journey of ministry training at Calvary Campground in Ashland, VA, with a specific focus on world missions and leadership development.

In the summer of 2007, He met the love of his life, Ashley. By the spring of 2008, they were married. Together, they have 4 beautiful children: two daughters, Shaiel and Sanai, and two sons, Caleb and Judah.

Dr. Edwards, at 41, has been on over 50 mission trips and has traveled to 30 different nations, such as Israel, Egypt, Mexico, Honduras, and Trinidad and Tobago, preaching, leading worship, training, and giving spiritual counsel to leaders. Apostle Malik is known worldwide as having an apostolic vision, a prophetic voice, and carrying the Father’s heart.

Apostles Malik and Ashley are the founders of Relentless Global, an apostolic network designed to plant churches, engage in missions, and train and equip the Body of Christ. Currently, there are two Relentless campuses in DC and Reading, PA, as well as other ministries and spiritual sons and daughters.

Apostle Jane Hamon

Senior Leader of Vision Church @ Christian International

Jane Hamon serves, with her husband Tom, as senior leaders of Vision Church @ Christian International. In their over 40 years of ministry together, they have built a thriving local church, traveled to more than 65 nations, and helped to lead Christian International Ministries, founded by Dr. Bill Hamon. A clear prophetic voice and eloquent teacher and author, she has written six insightful books, trained many in apostolic and prophetic ministry and has established School of the Prophets, a 90 day online prophetic intensive.

She loves to see the church awakened, and individuals empowered. Jane makes her home in beautiful Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, where she enjoys fulfilling some of her favorite roles in life as wife, mother, and now “Mimi” to her growing number of grandchildren.