Audio Podcasts

Welcome to the Digital Sanctuary of Oasis City Church

Where the spirit of Sunday morning worship extends beyond the church walls and into the realm of audio podcasts. Immerse yourself in the joyful melodies and uplifting sermons that define our weekly services, captured in pristine audio for your convenience. Our podcasts provide an opportunity to experience the transformative power of faith, whether you’re a member of our congregation or looking to grow in your faith. Each podcast is a look into the heart of our community, offering solace, inspiration, and the comforting embrace of a shared devotion. Tune in to relive the soul-stirring sermons delivered by our passionate pastors, the harmonious sounds of our worship team, and the genuine expressions of faith from our congregation. Explore the messages that resonate with the themes of love, hope, and purpose, as we strive to create an oasis of spiritual nourishment for the global community. Subscribe to our podcast series and let the echoes of our Sunday services become a consistent source of spiritual rejuvenation in the tapestry of your everyday life. At Oasis City Church, we believe in the power of the spoken word and the universal language of worship, and our podcasts are a testament to the boundless reach of God’s message.

New Service Times


This NEW service is a 1-hour, family-friendly, with reduced sound and lighting, and with all the OC essentials of worship, teaching, and ministry – just abbreviated.

Children will worship with their parents, and then go to their rooms for age-focused Bible teaching and ministry.

9:30am & 11:30am

These services will feature everything you already know and love about Sundays at the OC, with all the OC essentials of worship, teaching, and ministry

OC Kids & middle school programing will be available for both services