Restore Ministries is an umbrella ministry, covering varied and unique opportunities to see the gifts of restoration and reconciliation in motion, regardless of the speed. Through our Inner Healing ministry, restoration is found in the desire and need for inner healing. Through Pastoral Counseling, Clinical Counseling, and Life Coaching, restoration is found in supporting individuals, couples, and families through the storms of life.

Further, the Mentorship programs identify an opportunity to disciple believers and spend quality time with mature Christians for support and encouragement as we each walk out our callings. We were not created to run this race, called life, on our own.


Sometimes, there is a greater measure of support and strength needed, as life fills with mountains and valleys that leave us scarred and wounded much longer than we anticipated. We offer counseling services by qualified, certified and licensed counselors. These counselors do not only love the Lord and people; they’ve been trained to provide clinical and therapeutic counseling techniques to help people learn how to walk in the new freedom they've found.

We partner with counselors who specialize in psychological disorders, women’s issues, life management, and family struggles. Our services are available for all ages and for preventative as well as corrective measures.


Life presents an array of challenges - physical, mental, social, emotional, and spiritual. Inner Healing is an opportunity to discover and receive re-alignment through a prayer model that identifies areas where relational struggles have caused disruption.  In a sense, it is where the perceived invisibility of chains makes noise and then breaks as God’s power shows up in a mighty way to bring healing and restoration.

The supportive team in this ministry serves as both reassurance and strength. Our relationship with God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit is important, and hearing from the Lord is critical as we purpose to follow God’s heart and obey His Word. He is speaking, and too often our eyes, ears, and hearts are unable to see, hear, or feel due to walls that we have built or doors that we have opened, either consciously or unconsciously.

During an inner healing session, there is a newfound freedom from some of the junk of our past: the lies that were believed over time, the experiences that told us we were not good enough, the words that carried burdens, weights, and pain in the journey of our search to fill the known void in life. There is a release from these lies as God shows up and demonstrates His presence and love, for we know that His perfect love casts out all fear.


Prophecy is a spiritual insight that strategically positions you for a future moment of effectiveness, if you obey it. The prophetic teams of Oasis City Church minister the heart of God and declare destiny in people’s lives. Our prophetic ministry is founded on this principle in the New Testament:

But one who prophesies speaks to men for edification and exhortation and consolation. 1 Corinthians 14:3(NASB)


There are seasons in life when we need care. Care groups are led by trusted leaders to help you walk through some of life’s challenging
situations. Your Care group is a safe place to pursue wholeness in your life.

Current Care Groups offered are Addiction Recovery, Foster/Adoption, Divorce Care and Grief Share.